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Radio Anatolia, 12.12.12 tarihinde Güney Kaliforniya’da, Dr. İlhan Sami Özulu tarafından Radio Ozulu adı altında, haftada 1.5 saat canlı yayın ile radyo yayıncılığına başladıktan sonra, Ekim 2015 ile Eylül 2016 tarihleri arasında Radyo.Turkiye.Net ile yayın hayatını sürdürmüş ve 12.12.16 tarihinden itibaren de RadioAnatolia olarak yeniden yayınlara başlamıştır. Radio Anatolia Las Vegas’tan tüm dünyaya 7 gün, 24 saat Türkçe Müzik ve çeşitli programlarla yayın hayatını sürdürmektedir


Version 1.0.0 – March 2020

We pay close attention to privacy of all our users. Part of your private information will be recorded in our system so please read the following information carefully.

1. What is defined in this privacy Policy?

The following sections explain the below listed points:

* Types of private information
* Purpose of recording private data
* Places that private data recorded
* Security steps applied to protect private data
* Responsibility limits for the third parties
* Viewing, updating and deleting of private data
* Updates in this Privacy Policy
* What to do if you have any questions or concerns

2. Types of Recorded Private Data

A. Private Data that are used by our services
We use public data to improve our services. This information will not be shared by public.

B. Automatically generated information
Like other web sites and internal services, we collect and record your automatically generated information that how you use the application. Those collected information includes your IP Address and/or unique device ID.

Especially if you choose to join, the application might collect your geographical location information. In all cases you can block the collection of your location information in your mobile device settings.

If you choose to give access and collect data in your social media account, please check the privacy settings of your social media account.

If you choose to activate user access rights, the below listed additional information will be saved:

* First and Last Name
* Email Address
* Phone Number (optional)
* External provider profile information like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

We also collect the following information in order to provide you usage information:

* When you open the application
* Time you spent in the app and its pages
* Time you log off

NOTE: If you activate user authorization features, we associate public information with your data.

If the instant statement advertisements are active, BleshSDK information is listed below:

* All the security precautions are taken via BleshSDK in order to keep privacy of Bluetooth condition, device information, advertisement promoter, location, operator, loaded applications.

* If the user wants to copy the campaign photo in his/her album, we can access to user’s photo album and camera to copy the screen shot in the photo album.

* Those information will be used securely and limited time by only the permission of the user.

C. Specific Information
You might be asked to join some activity like loyalty cards, news bulletins, advertising. In that case some private information might be requested. Those information will be saved and shared with us in our service database (including third parties).

When you upload data, including the app photos, these will be shared and can be seen by all the users of the application.

3. Purpose of the collection of private data

A. Objective

The sides collect personal data for the following reasons:

* In order to use our services
* To update the information of our services
* To improve our service quality and/or privatization
* To identify you and/or privatization of our service
* To acknowledge you and protect fraudulent
* To provide support
* When you request we can provide your data to third parties since we are legally responsible

B. Providing private data to third parties
We never sell or share your personal data to third parties without your consent.
If we join to another institution or third party, or reorganization of our institution, we can share your personal data only those parties. They will have the right to own your personal data. If a court requests your personal data in writing than we can share with them.

4. The places that your personal data saved
Data centers are located different geographical locations like United States, Netherlands, and Turkey. We will take all security precautions in order to keep your personal data safe in all data centers and providers that we use.

5. What security measures are provided to protect your personal data
Your personal data security is the top priority in our activities. We provide all security steps to protect your personal data: Firewalls on our servers, SSL connections, and the sensitive data encryption.

6. The responsibility limitation for third parties
Our services may contain links to third parties services or products. We have no control for those contents like web sites and services provided by third parties. There might be additional privacy policies applied for third party applications, web sites and their services.

7. To view and delete personal data
You can contact with us via an email in order to receive a copy or delete your personal data. In this case we can request additional information to verify your identity.

8. Privacy for young children
We do not collect information from young children deliberately and intentionally.

9. Security
We apply various precautions to protect your personal data, to minimize the harmful risks, and avoid unauthorized access. However, those security steps cannot provide absolute protection. We do our best to to protect your personal data from database issues, unauthorized access, attacks, network problems.

10. Updates on this privacy policy
Updates can be done any time on this privacy policy document and will be published. You can check this privacy policy anytime to find out the changes and updates. This will be user responsibility. By accepting this privacy policy you approve that these conditions have been accepted by you as the user. If you do not accept this privacy policy you need to remove the application.

11. What to do if you have any questions?
If you have any questions or comments on tis privacy policy, you can contact with us via an email.

This Privacy Policy has been updated on 31 March 2020